Fireplaces and barbecues

Prefabricated fireplaces for heating with natural hot air circulation

Our fireplaces have the following characteristics:

  1. The hot air outlet at 90° from two small side openings: taking cold air from outside, hot air is spontaneously formed in the hollow space between the cast iron and the fireplace; hot air is released from the small side holes, heating the entire environment.
  2. Heat reflection from the cast iron: situated in the fireplace it immediately gives out all the heat from the burning fuel (having this great reflecting capacity), it also permits a saving on wood.
  3. Adjustable air intake valve: this valve allows the introduction of cold air from the outside needed for the burning, without withdrawing the hot air from the inside, thus favouring a better burning without extracting hot air from the premises.
  4. Adjustable drawer: according to the thickness of the fireplace lining.
  5. The hearth in refractory material: it has a remarkable resistance to heat, being made of the same refractory material as our special ovens. Our fireplaces, if installed according to the instructions, guarantee a good draft and performance that is guaranteed by many years of experience and research in the sector of wood-burning ovens and refractory materials.

Fireplaces and barbecues
In order that a fireplace functions well it is essential that it is furnished with relevant air inlets from the outside or from other rooms that are not heated; in this way there is a better burning without extracting hot air from the environment.
Location possibilities: on the wall, in a corner, on a wall near a corner, fully recessed, semi-recessed, wall edge, etc.
The chimney must be of the same diameter as the hood up to about 3 metres; if this height is exceeded (if necessary) a chimney with a slightly lesser diameter may be used. The chimney components are bricked together using a thin layer of fine mortar; once the erection has been carried out plaster well between the metal fireplace lining and the prefabricated part, in order to avoid a back draught of smoke from the small side holes of the hot air outlets. The refractory hearth MUST NOT be walled because a normal expansion to the heat is necessary and also so that any possible maintenance to the valves can be carried out.
Larghezza Profondità Ø
55 35 180 185 Kg
75 40 200 305 Kg
100 50 250 470 Kg
125 60 300 565 Kg
100 52 250 460 Kg
Misure Esterne:aumento 20 cm in totale in larghezza, mentre in profondità soltanto 10 cm.

Optional: valvola a/c in acciaio inox -en

Particolarità: -en
  • Uscita di aria calda dalle bocchette laterali.
  • Calore riflesso dal focolare metallico in ghisa e dal piano in refrattario.
  • Valvola per la regolazione dell’aria di combustione.
  • Cassetto regolabile in base al rivestimento

Fireplaces and barbecues

Numbers to follow for assembling
  1. Base
  2. External air intake valve
  3. Cast iron fireplace lining
  4. Left side
  5. Right side
  6. Upper left side
  7. Upper right side
  8. Hood base
  9. Hood
  10. Refractory grate in cast iron
  11. Refractory hearth
  12. Adjustable ash drawer

Fireplaces and barbecues

Grill barbecue da giardino -en

Modello AMERICA prefabbricato -en

Misure esterne:
Larghezza: 130 cm
Profondità: 95 cm
Altezza: 220 cm
Peso: 730 Kg.
Graticola: 35x50 cm

Piano in refrattario, Portalegna, Parafiamma, Griglia cenere, Cassetto, Graticola, Verniciato al quarzo-en
Fireplaces and barbecues

Grill barbecue da giardino -en

Modello GERMANIA prefabbricato -en

Misure esterne:
Larghezza: 125 cm
Profondità: 70 cm
Altezza: 180 cm
Peso: 475 Kg.
Graticola: 35x50 cm

Piano in refrattario, 2 Parafiamma, Griglia, Verniciato al quarzo -en
Forno a legna Speedy pizza 4


This unit is smaller and lighter while maintaining the same features and characteristics as a traditional oven. It quickly reaches cooking temperatures so that the first pizza can be cooked in 30 minutes
A wheeled base is available as an option.




Professional ovens, ovens for pizzerias, rotating wood-burning ovens, ovens for bakeries Ovens for pizzerias with gas burners. The gas burner can be assembled on already existing ovens.
The Di Fiore ovens are a synonym of quality and economy appreciated all over the world.

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